5 Journaling Prompts to Prepare for the Holidays

 by Deanna Lang

with Mend Your Soul - Deanna Lang Coaching


The holiday season, although filled with family gatherings, joy, and twinkly lights, can also be stressful.

And for some, it's a painful reminder of people no longer in our lives or having to navigate strained relationships.  So, I offer these journal prompts to help you prepare for, and make the best of the holiday season.

So feel free to print out and actually journal your thoughts and responses to these coaching questions.



1. To reduce pressure on ourselves: Where could I be kinder to myself and let go of expectations - so I can be OK with whatever happens?






2. Self-care in the run-up to the Holidays: Where do I need to take better care of myself - meeting my own needs - so that I'll be at my best and fully able to enjoy the season?






3. Self-care over the Holiday itself: What challenges do I anticipate over the holiday period (whether dealing with others or my own feelings)? What can I do when these arise? What preparations and steps can I take now to make it easier on myself?






4. Make changes ahead of time: What could I do differently this year? And how could I be different this year to make the Holiday season (or the big day itself) smoother and more enjoyable?






5. New ways to deal with other people over the Holidays: To whom could I give the powerful gift of presence - through listening, forgiveness, appreciation, or acceptance?


a. To whom could I give the powerful gift of presence - through listening, forgiveness, appreciation, or acceptance? 






 b. Or if needed, to whom could I practice setting loving yet appropriate boundaries in order to maintain my peace and integrity during this time?






Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukka

Happy Holidays


Many Blessings

Deanna Lang



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Deanna Lang
Mend Your Soul Ministries